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Roman Phillips

Hi Sir/Madam

We provide cost estimation and quantities take-off and we claim 98% accuracy with refund policy in case of any error in quantities.. We have 14 years of estimation experience. Please let us know if you need any sort of estimation services regarding your projects.
It is for your information that we are providing 45 percent Discount on the first estimate and 25percent Discount on estimation services onward with no compromise on quality of work.

We make our estimates based upon the building plans and use local zip codes for pricing.

For pricing and turnaround time send us project plans to receive a quote. Normally our turnaround time is two to three working days and we will give you our best price.

Let me know if you are interested so we can share some sample estimates and take-offs for your review and better understanding of our work. Thanks.

For any further queries please contact on the numbers mentioned below

Best regards.

Roman Phillips

Marketing Manager


Email: rp(at)internationalestimating(dot)com

Alternate Email: rp.internationalestimating[at]gmail[dot]com

Web: www(dot)internationalestimating(dot)com

Voice: 718-450-9282

14 East, 4th Street, Suite 405, New York City, NY 10012